Friday, October 26, 2012

LOTS of Pictures!

I just synced my phone for the first time in months and ran across a ton of pictures that I have to share!  That was your disclaimer.  ;-)

Peyton loves bedtime.  She went through a little phase a few weeks ago where she wanted to sleep with her baby.  Sweet girl.  Also?  Those are some of my favorite stretchies.  I love them!

We still go to the zoo ALL the time!  We love it and it's usually not very crowded when we go so Peyton is able to walk most of the time.  She loves that.

This was Mackenzie's reaction to the news that Aunt Brandy is having a baby!  She is so excited!! :)

 A few weeks ago, sweet P got the crud.  She napped and her little furry friends guarded her.

Peyton's favorite part of the day (mine too) is going to get Mackenzie from school.  We miss that sweet big girl all day!! P is so excited to see her every afternoon!

They love each other so much! :)

 We found a Peanut sized playground within walking distance of our house.  She loved it!!

This is how Peyton spends her time at the gym.

Mama got smart and stopped at Sonic for an apple juice slush and tater tots before we braved Wal-Mart!

Sweet sister love.  I die.

Unwinding with friends after a long, exhausting weekend a few weekends ago.  Cupcake moscato, the girls playing with the dogs, and my handsome husband.  It doesn't get much better.  :-)

Helping mommy cook dinner for some sweet friends who just brought a new baby home!  Have y'all had parmesan crisps?  They're pretty yummy!  Thank you, Pinterest!

One of Mac's favorite things to do is stay up late.  She asked me on a school night if she could stay up late and I told her she could.  She was up later than normal the night before so I knew she was tired and would still fall asleep "on time."  Sweet girl was asleep before 9 that night.

This one is definitely her father's child.  She loves her some music!

I've been doing my running in the mornings after we take Mac to school.  This lucky duck goes back to sleep most mornings.  I wish I had someone to push me around in a stroller!  And yes, those are her socks.  She will not keep them on her feet.  Ever.  Even when I put shoes on her, she takes her shoes off so she can get the socks off.  She gets that from her mama.  I hate wearing socks and shoes!

Sweet little buddies.  I'm pretty sure that Lucy won't let anyone mess with her favorite little person.

One of my favorite places to eat in LR is Whole Hog.  Josh doesn't love it and neither does Mac.  So one day after the zoo, Peyton and I stopped at WH for lunch.  She loves it as much as I do...homegirl cleaned her plate!

Told y'all.  Two peas right there.

Sassy new big girl pj's for a sassy baby who thinks she's big!

We had a fun visit from MiMi and Paw a couple weeks ago!  The girls LOVE having them here and we had so much fun!

The pups will let the girls do anything to them.  Literally.  In this picture Peyton is checking out all of Lucy's "keeth."

Put me in, coach!  ;-)

Josh went on a TDY at the beginning of this week to commission his friend Dave who graduated from OTS.  How hot does he look in his mess dress?  Yummy.  ;-)

Mackenzie had to do a pumpkin book project for school.  She did this MOSTLY by herself.  All I helped her with was hot gluing the ears on and the shape of the face.  She was so proud of how her George pumpkin turned out and couldn't wait to take it to school!  She even made little foam blueberry pancakes.  So cute.  She still loves school so much.  She must get that from Josh, because she most certainly didn't get it from me!  When we were leaving the field trip last week she said "Mommy, we have to go back to school!  We didn't get to learn yet!!"  She was so serious, too.  Bless her.  

Yesterday morning I had several errands to run at the BX/commissary.  When we got done, we went to Starbucks for a treat.  In all honesty, mama just needed some strong coffee.  I got P a birthday cake cake pop and my coffee and we sat down to just hang out for a few minutes.  As we were sitting down, the barista comes over with a teeny little cup for Peyton.  He had made her a tiny little apple pie frapp (no coffee).  How cute is that!?  She LOVED it!!

Until the next picture dump...  ;-)

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